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Get Ready to Change Your Life, Body, Mind and Spirit, at Delaware, Ohio's Ruffing Martial Arts, After School Karate and Kids Camps

Family FUN, Intense Fitness and Serious Self-Defense!

The ULTIMATE Family Affair

Want to become ALL you’re capable of being and SHARE that with a common family activity? It’s true—the family that plays together stays together.

And that’s where Ruffing Martial Arts. comes in.

Here at Ruffing Martial Arts, you fulfill your potential through the action-packed, FUN-filled discipline of the martial arts and get into the best shape of your life physically, mentally and emotionally.

You also become a fighting machine. You gain self-confidence and self-esteem through workouts that are more stimulating, heart-pumping and invigorating and keep you wanting to come back for MORE than anything else you will ever experience. It's THAT exciting!

Your family does the same. Men, women and children ALL reap tremendous benefits from our various martial arts programs. And the PRICELESS family UNITY they bring lasts the lifetimes of EVERYBODY in your home.

Along with this self-confidence and self-esteem come patience, commitment, inner peace, discipline, fortitude, prestige and integrity as well. You become the COMPLETE PACKAGE as part of our happy commitment to cultivate your “Whole Person” from the “Inside-Out.” You will soon learn that being a black belt is a healthy and happy way of life as well as an effective self-defense mechanism.

And so does ALL of your family.

Discover the TRUE meaning of the phrase: it doesn’t get any better than this.

And Here Are Our Programs

Just look at this overview:

  • Bully Proof Seminars—the words “fear” and “intimidation” will no longer be a part of your vocabulary.

  • Kid Safe Workshop—your kids learn how to avoid any potentially dangerous situation, including kidnapping. When avoidance isn’t the answer, these techniques are effective and can save a life.

  • Karate Kids Program—for kids four and over with techniques and teaching methods especially targeted for their specific age.

  • Birthday Parties for the Kids—we love this and so do the families. The kids THRILLINGLY get to safely break boards, cut the cake with a Samurai Sword and play fun martial arts games right here in our location. Mom and Dad love it because it’s well supervised and they don’t have to host it or clean up afterward.

  • Amazing Self-Defense Skills —this turns hands (punching), legs (kicking), knees and elbows into devastating fighting weapons. This instruction even prepares combatants for martial arts competition.

    As much as 85% of confrontations end up on the ground - This is always a defensive staple, recent mixed martial arts competitions have reemphasized the need for grappling skills. You learn to defend against weapons deployment, to apply hard core submission (breaking) techniques, to perfect tendon and muscle-tearing methods and to develop punching power.
ALL classes have a common denominator. Each session begins with stretching and conditioning; then aerobic and anaerobic elements are introduced; and this is followed by real world self-defense tactics and strategies.

Classes are determined by age and experience and nobody is ever pushed beyond what they are capable of doing.

Unparalleled School and Staff

Besides the FUN and upbeat atmosphere, you get the highest quality martial arts training found ANYWHERE.

Trial Program

You don’t even have to guess whether our studios are a fit for you. We’ll give you a free trial run to find that out. That’s how confident we are that you’ll find a match.

Call us for details. Let the Adventure Begin!

So please, give us that call at 740-833-6723 and take that first step toward giving you and your family the experience of a lifetime.

Besides developing skills that may save the life of you or your family, ALL are TRANSFORMED into black belts with an unstoppable warrior spirit, and have the most FUNTASTIC times ever.

Making you happier, healthier and more fulfilled is what makes us tick!

Give us a call now at 740-833-6723 to learn more!!